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Our standards

A book is much more than a mere useful object to us. It is an artefact engaging a number of senses: sight, touch and smell. That is why we care that the perception and impressions of the books we print are as good as possible and unforgettable. For us, every book is special and deserves the best quality.

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    Perfect quality

    When printing books, we spare no effort to make them beautiful, long-lasting, modern-looking and timeless at the same time. We are aware that product and service quality are some of the key decisive factors when choosing the printing company.

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    Sound customer relations

    When contacting our customers and building business relations with our suppliers, we always strive for the highest standards. Every day, we take carefully considered measures aiming to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, thus leading to their complete satisfaction. We are committed to being regarded as a reliable and dependable partner, and to making sure that we offer consistently high-quality products.

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    Continued growth

    This is all achieved by systematically raising standards, employing highly-qualified personnel, investing in state-of-the-art printing and bookbinding equipment and building good relations with our partners.

Attention to detail

In our printing company the quality of print is controlled at various stages of production and on many levels.

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  • Initial inspection

    The first verification takes place at the Prepress Department, where files submitted for production are checked for correctness. They undergo a technical review and are checked for compliance with the order. Any remarks or comments are then included in a soft proof and a report.

  • Proof

    If requested, we can provide a proof on a plano sheet or a hard proof, in which case the customer can see what their publication will look like in the flesh.

  • Subsequent verification

    At each of the stages that follow: printing, binding and preparing the products for shipment, checks continue to prevent any mistakes, to ensure timely delivery of the product, and to guarantee that the product is just what the customer expects, conforming to standards and specifications.

  • Consistency

    We also make sure that quality consistency is maintained when a customer orders a reprint. This is possible thanks to regular calibration of our printing presses and specialised monitors according to applicable ISO standards, as well as because we make digital backup copies of print parameters.

Innovative technologies

In our printing house digital methods are used not only for careful and precise printing, but also for neat and expert binding. In order to achieve the best possible results we employ the latest, state-of-the-art technologies.


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    We have the fastest digital roll-to-roll printing presses using, such as Screen TruePress Jet520HD - for life-like photographic quality. They print on both offset and coated paper, using new generation pigment ink, and guarantee crisp details and smooth colour gradients.

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    Our stock of machines includes sheet-fed systems, for example AccurioJet KM-1. It is an ultra-modern ink jet solution developed by Konica Minolta, ensuring quality that surpasses offset print and enabling the use of both standard offset substrates and textured media, synthetics (e.g. PP) and high-density stock. Thanks to its perfect colour reproduction (each copy in a run or reprint is identical in terms of colour consistency), we use KM-1, for example, to print covers and more demanding colour jobs.

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    We also use four high-performance monochrome systems Canon varioPRINT 6330 TITAN. They produce remarkably high resolution images and perfect registration.

  • Ricoh małe logo

    Last but not least, there are two Ricoh Pro C9200 sheet-fed presses that we mainly use for printing covers. The machines enable us to achieve high print quality with vivid and lifelike colours and smooth colour gradients, even on textured paper.

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Binding processes

Thanks to our broad expertise and extensive experience, the books we bind impress with attention to detail. The high quality of binding is ensured by the modern and completely equipped bindery which uses some industry standard-setting solutions, such as the systems manufactured by the Swiss Müller Martini and Hunkeler, the Italian Meccanotecnica and the Japanese Horizon.

Committed to making our book covers as beautiful as possible, we are continuously expanding our bindery with supplementary systems. We have been using MGI JetVarnish 3D – a specialised digital enhancement solution – for a few years now. The system is designed for applying UV varnish using 2D (flat) and 3D (raised) technologies, as well as for digital hot stamping. The application of the proprietary 3D Touch technology allows our customers to achieve a superior quality of the covers. 3D Touch printing means vivid and rich colours, previously hard to achieve visual effects, and an exclusive overall impression. We also have a modern plotter to make even the most elaborate cut-outs in covers and book block pages.


In the times of increasing competition and technical development simply implementing available technologies is not enough.

  • Modern systems

    We invest in state-of-the-art systems, upgrade machines and equipment and seek inspiration, but at the same time we approach the solutions offered on the market with a clear vision, flexibly responding to our customers’ needs and the ever-changing business environment.

  • R&D Centre

    We have set up our own Research & Development Centre, where our activities are focused on the activities related to the broadly-defined creative implementation of innovative solutions in the area of digital printing technology in order to market services not yet provided and to increase the production capacity of our company.

  • Proprietary methods

    Our R&D Centre allowed us to develop an efficient on-the-fly print control method for high-quality albums produced using ink-jet printing on web presses, and an in-house method of printing facsimiles and incunables using 3D Touch digital enhancement technology.


We work with tried and tested partners for whom we have complete confidence, whether they are small and local businesses or a global multinational group.

  • Trust and respect

    We base cooperation on trust and respect. These are our key values, necessary to reach understanding and thus a success. We appreciate long-term and long-lasting relationships.

  • Working with specialists

    Our partners include the suppliers of latest-generation digital printing and binding equipment.
    We also work with specialised companies dealing with printing and publishing process support, e.g. DTP companies, which we recommend to our customers, fully confident in their professionalism and skills.

  • Verified suppliers

    Our paper is supplied by Arctic Paper S.A., a leading European manufacturer of bulk paper and high-grade graphic paper, and ZiNG S.A., a 100% Polish distributor of paper and special substrates for the printing and publishing industry.

  • We’ve been working together since 2007 when Totem was a small printing house just getting started with digital printing, which was a novelty then.

    Since then, we have had permanent business relations involving mutual cooperation. On the one hand, we are a customer ordering books to be printed, and on the other hand, we are a subcontractor preparing materials and publications for Totem’s customers. This long-term cooperation has a wider developmental and educational aspect: thanks to Totem’s willingness to adopt new printing and binding technologies enables us to work and deliver publications at the highest standards of editing and production.

    At the moment, Totem is one of the most modern digital printing companies in Europe, focusing on continuous development, both in terms of technologies and production capacity, as well as where it comes to personnel, which is of no small importance. All this warrants collaboration with one of the leading companies in the sector.

    Piotr Kabaciński
    The owner of Studio KROPKA dtp
  • ZING is a one-stop shop when it comes to the supply of paper and substrates for printers, and that is why we work with all major printing companies in Poland.

    As a Marketing Manager,  I have the pleasure of meeting people representing these companies during more or less formal trade events. Whenever digital roll-fed printing of books is mentioned in conversation at such events, you can be sure that the magic word ‘Totem’ will come up.

    It’s no wonder, because Totem is a printing company respected by every competitor. It is a benchmark of quality to which many aspire, however with little hope of success. However, the secret of Totem’s success is nothing special – it’s consistency in continuous development and equipment upgrading, and a close-knit team of professionals. Just that, or perhaps that much.

    Michał Tenerowicz
    Marketing Manager ZiNG Sp. z o.o.
  • Totem is a solid business partner.

    Our cooperation is based on long-time relations, characterised by mutual trust and smooth communication. The professionalism and no-nonsense approach to every business make our daily work go easy and efficiently. We are happy that we can develop our business achievements together. Totem is a partner we can always rely on.

    Michał Büthner-Zawadzki
    Sales Development Specialist Arctic Paper Polska
  • From the point of view of Konica Minolta, the basis for good relations with business partners is understanding and not only at the technological level.

    It is acting in the partner’s best interests, active listening, joint interpretation of trends and predicting market changes, in order to be better prepared for these. Good partnership means reflection, inspiration and solutions to challenges we face every day. Working with Konica Minolta grants Totem access to the best tools. It enables the company to implement innovation fast. Good partnership provides knowledge which enables both sides to identify challenges ahead and to develop products and services necessary to overcome them and thus define a new operating strategy.

    Partnerships provide space for doing business and continuous learning, so it is inseparably connected with innovation. Cooperation in this sense forms a part of joint creation and – in addition – does not allow you to get bored with anything you do, especially with a partner like

    Mateusz Woźniak
    Production Printing Sales Director Konica Minolta Business Solutions Polska
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