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  • książka niebieska okładka

    For everyone

    Self-publishing is for anyone creating own publications.
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    • Writers, poets, researchers, bloggers and aspiring young authors whose output cannot break through on the mainstream market – they all manage to publish without help of professional publishing companies.
    • Self-publishing is also a perfect solution for experts in various fields – both professionals or amateurs – who wish to share their knowledge and passion.
  • Completely in control

    You’re in the driver’s seat.
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    • Only you decide how your publication will be advertised. You take care of sales, distribution and storage.
    • You are always informed and up-to-date with the process. Nobody imposes deadlines, you work at your own pace and on your terms.
  • Risk reduced

    Get a proof.
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    • Check if everything is ok with your book. See if the materials you have chosen are as expected. Make some final changes to the text.
    • Then have a small batch printed to see if the book gets readers’ approval. You can order reprints from us at any time!
  • Your vision. Your decisions

    You’re fully independent.
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    • Self-publishing gives you an exclusive influence on the content and appearance of your book, the way it will be promoted and sold, timing, people and companies you work with (editor, proof-reader, cover designer, printer).
    • You don’t need to share your copyrights with the publisher.
  • selfpublishing hand

    100% profits

    No middlemen in self-publishing.
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    • If you publish a book independently, you don’t need to share the profits with anyone.
    • No ‘handling’ costs charged by your publisher. All you earn from the sales will go into your pocket.
  • Sell directly

    Don’t pay agents.
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    • By taking a decision to have your book self-published you gain control over your sales channels. You can use your website and social media to promote and distribute your book through fans, followers and friends.
    • You don’t pay anything to resellers, distributors and to bookstores for shelf space.

Frequently asked questions

I am new to the publishing business and I am working on my first book. What kind of assistance can I get from your printing company?

We have a lot of experience of working with novice publishers, start-ups and self-publishers. We will be happy to lead you through the whole production process, advising on the choice of materials and binding, and finding optimum solutions (also price-wise), so that your book meets all your expectations. We will send you paper and print sample books to facilitate your decisions regarding the ultimate form of your publication.

Can I order a cover design for my book, proofreading and composition?

We only undertake printing and do not provide editorial/DTP, prepress or proofreading services, as well as cover graphic design. However, we work with many companies that we can recommend to our customers. 

What is the best paper for my publication?

This question is too general to give a definite answer. When choosing the paper for the main part of the book, many aspects have to be considered, including the nature or type of publication, its purpose, dimensions, readers, and even the available budget. First, we need to answer a few elementary questions, e.g. whether the paper should be white, cream or off-white, coated or uncoated, standard or recycled. Providing such descriptive details will be enough for us to suggest the best paper for your book.

What is the soft proof?

It is a production file after a technical verification and checking of its compliance with the order, which includes a software report and any remarks made by the verifying specialist(s).

What is the most economical B5 print size?

The optimal format is 165 x 235 mm, or a popular variation 170 x 240 mm. We strongly recommend not to use sizes close to 176 x 250 mm, as it generates a lot of paper waste and thus increases the costs of production. Also, it has a negative impact on the environment.

A special book for me "Morze naszych tajemnic"

Morze naszych tajemnic

"Although I’ve had a lively imagination since I was a child, reading every book I could get hold of and getting top marks in Polish classes at school, I have never expected to become a writer."

Aneta Obarska
Author and publisher of "Morze naszych tajemnic" (The Sea of Our Secrets)

My first book: "Jak uprawiać warzywa"

Jak uprawiać warzywa 3

"Growing vegetables is my other life. I’ve had my YouTube channel called infouprawa for more than 8 years. This is where I share my knowledge by creating short and informative videos. One day I decided to publish a book about vegetable cultivation. That was something new for me and a challenging task, but I wanted to put all I knew about vegetable growing on paper, simply and to the point, however showing it step by step at the same time.
Most of the readers who got in touch with me thought it was the best book about growing vegetables... I sold 15,000 copies over a year and a half."

Tomasz Wodziński
Author and publisher of "infouprawa JAK UPRAWIAĆ WARZYWA" (How to Grow Vegetables)
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