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Softcover – perfect bound

The most popular, high-quality binding type. Perfect for mass production thanks to low manufacturing costs and short lead times. One of the best choices for publishers seeking cost-effective and proven solutions. The first choice for popular literature, popular science, low-budget catalogues, brochures and all kinds of periodicals.

The soft cover can be fitted with flaps which provide space for extra information about the book, such as a few words from the publisher, some reviews or a note about the author.

Best use

fiction, popular science publications, guidebooks, textbooks, product catalogues, magazines and journals, instruction manuals

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The use of appropriate materials (e.g. wastepaper, non-coated cover materials) and natural components (e.g. certified plant-based adhesives) makes the book completely biodegradable.


  • min.
    75 × 125 mm
  • max
    300 × 420 mm
Book block thickness
  • min.
    3 mm
  • max
    65 mm
Cover materials

A broad selection of paperboard, 235 to 300 g thick.

Cover extras

Our proprietary FlexiFlaps perfectly supplement the covers. They provide additional space for marketing purposes, biographical notes, reviews or information about new releases. Various colours of threads can be used to bind the folded sheets.

Read more about the accessories and cover extras here.


We recommend hot stamping with metallized foils, debossing and spot varnishing.

Read more about the available enhancements here.

For publishing companies and self-publishers

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price difference between a softcover and a hardcover?

It is impossible to provide a definite figure, because a number of factors affect the price, such as format, volume and print run. Assuming some average parameters: B5, 160 pages and 200 copies, a thread-sewn hardcover would be approx. PLN 5.00 (net) more expensive per copy than a perfect-bound softcover.

What delivery options do you offer?

The standard form of delivery is by courier service. Please note that shipping costs are always included in the base price. Other delivery options are possible by individual arrangement.

Is Totem environmentally certified?

We are greatly committed to ensuring that any products leaving our printing house are produced in as environmentally-friendly manner as possible. Digital printing alone is already considered to be ‘greener’ than conventional printing. We are FSC certified and we have a certificate confirming that 100% of energy used in our processes comes from renewable energy sources. 

What is the best paper for my publication?

This question is too general to give a definite answer. When choosing the paper for the main part of the book, many aspects have to be considered, including the nature or type of publication, its purpose, dimensions, readers, and even the available budget. First, we need to answer a few elementary questions, e.g. whether the paper should be white, cream or off-white, coated or uncoated, standard or recycled. Providing such descriptive details will be enough for us to suggest the best paper for your book.

What is the smallest print run I can order?

We will accept an order for one copy, if requested, but we encourage you to check the prices for a bit bigger print runs. 

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