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Flexo binding

An original combination of two types of binding: hard and soft. The cover consists here of a single paperboard, like in a typical softcover, however it is not bound at the spine but by end papers, like in a hardcover. This gives it exceptional flexibility and resilience.  Inside, the best solution is to use a thread-sewn block. 

Flexo binding is ideal for fiction and all other books which are intended for heavy use and which should be lightweight and comfortable in handling. Publishers choose it mostly for guidebooks, dictionaries and popular science publications.

Best use

fiction, scientific and specialist books, travel guides, dictionaries, phrase books, themed notebooks

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The use of appropriate materials (e.g. wastepaper, non-coated cover materials) and natural components (e.g. cotton or hemp threads) makes the book completely biodegradable. We offer 100% recycled paper, FSC-certified and carrying the EU Ecolabel, manufactured using environmentally-friendly technologies.


  • min.
    100 × 100 mm
  • max
    270 × 380 mm
Book block thickness
  • min.
    3 mm
  • max
    65 mm
Cover materials

Various types of paper are available, including milled paper, cloth, cork and eco-leather.

Cover extras

Depending on the end use and needs, the book can be furnished with a band closure, a pen holder, printed or mass-dyed end papers, or a ribbon bookmark. Additionally, various colours of threads for the book block are offered.

Read more about the accessories and cover extras here.


Flexo-bound books can be provided with all the available enhancements. In particular, we recommend spot UV varnishes, both flat (2D) and raised (3D). Also, in order to protect the cover and extend its life, we suggest lamination. 

Read more about the available enhancements here.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the lead time for an order?

The lead time depends on the current production workload and the nature and complexity of the order. Normally, in the low and medium seasons (February – July), jobs comprising simple binding are completed within 7 working days and up to 10 days in the case of complex binding. This is the turnaround time from the moment the files are accepted for printing. In the high season, these times can be extended to 10 and 15 working days, respectively. 

What is the best paper for my publication?

This question is too general to give a definite answer. When choosing the paper for the main part of the book, many aspects have to be considered, including the nature or type of publication, its purpose, dimensions, readers, and even the available budget. First, we need to answer a few elementary questions, e.g. whether the paper should be white, cream or off-white, coated or uncoated, standard or recycled. Providing such descriptive details will be enough for us to suggest the best paper for your book.

Is Totem environmentally certified?

We are greatly committed to ensuring that any products leaving our printing house are produced in as environmentally-friendly manner as possible. Digital printing alone is already considered to be ‘greener’ than conventional printing. We are FSC certified and we have a certificate confirming that 100% of energy used in our processes comes from renewable energy sources. 

Can I change the files after the proof is printed?

Of course it is possible. We will not proceed with the production until the files are finally approved by the customer.

What is the soft proof?

It is a production file after a technical verification and checking of its compliance with the order, which includes a software report and any remarks made by the verifying specialist(s).

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