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Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements regarding files in the case of a laminated softcover with flaps? Is it enough to provide two pdf files: one with the cover layout and one with CMYK 300 dpi graphics of the actual size to match the cover layout, including 5 mm bleeds on each side? Is anything else required?

We do not need a file with the cover layout; such files are only intended for the customer so that the cover is appropriately planned and designed considering the type of binding and other book specifications. In order to print the book, we need a file with the cover design in the required dimensions and with 5 mm bleeds on each side. If any enhancements are to be used on the cover, we will need another file (or files): with the mask(s) for each enhancement. As stated in our guide: “All enhancements must be included in the same graphic design as the one used for your cover (taking into account the correct positioning of all additional elements, while maintaining the appropriate formats and margins.)”

How to prepare the files for printing?

This cannot be explained in one or two sentences. You will find a detailed guide on our website, where we outline our requirements in relevant sections. If you should have any doubts or additional questions, our team of professionals is always ready to help.

Can I order a thread for my book in a colour other than white?

Of course. We offer a few dozen of thread colours. We actually recommend using customised colour, especially in open spine products. If the inside of the book contains black solids, we recommend a black thread.

What is the difference between Wire-O and a screw-in PVC spiral?

The name itself says a lot about the main difference; the Wire-O is clamped on the spine, which means it is not completely closed and therefore pages cannot be fully turned around. The screw-in spiral is closed and enables turning pages around 360 degrees. The PVC spiral is practically indestructible, but about 2-3 times as expensive to make as the Wire-O. 


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Lamination matte
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Lamination soft touch
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