All books deserve premium quality.

Even when you print only one single copy.

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We love books. And we like printing them. It is our passion.

We specialize in printing small and medium-sized printing volumes.

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Publishers that we collaborate with value us not only because of the quality we provide.

Digital printing is a modern approach to effective management.

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We rely on innovative technologies.

They enable us to increase our competitiveness and effectiveness.

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We are not indifferent to the future of our planet.

We care for the environment. We only use renewably energy.

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Our services

We print books and bind them exactly as required by our customers. We meet their expectations and provide them with up-to-date solutions.
We are ahead of our competitors

We install innovative printing systems and trust in established and recognized technology suppliers.

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We provide top quality

We print books in all types of binding using the latest printing systems and binding machinery.

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Totem’s new service offer – augmented reality publishing

We are expanding our service portfolio, thus offering publishers a specialized tool for creating augmented reality as well as managing digital publications and content, user permissions and communication campaigns run by publishing houses. Access to digital content is now possible thanks to the Totem AR app compatible with Android and iOS platforms. Totem AR gives users the opportunity to enhance their books, magazines, catalogues, etc. with digital materials displayed on readers’ smartphones and tablets.

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Unwanted books – how to deal with them?

unwanted booksBookworms find the problem tough. However, the truth is that we do not often want to keep all the books we own. Our shelves are stacked with unwanted gift books, books we bought on impul [...]

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Good openability – key factors

Reading the earlier post, you had the opportunity to find out what openability of a book is and why it is so important. Today, we will discuss the issue of what really affects it. There are numerous f [...]

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Openability of books

The openability of a book is a bit like air quality: if it is good, we pay it no attention. However, if it leaves much to be desired, it becomes a source of our constant frustration. What does openab [...]

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