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Softcover – thread sewn

A classic choice for books you often come back to, or that are intended for a large number readers. The aesthetic and durable finish, and the robust book block make it a perfect solution for scientific publications and textbooks.

Softcovers with a cardboard case can be fitted with so-called flaps, which extend the cover area and provide space for a blurb, author’s bio, reviews or information about new releases. 

Best use

scientific books, professional publications, guidebooks, textbooks, product catalogues, annual reports

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The use of appropriate materials (e.g. wastepaper, non-coated cover materials) and natural components (e.g. cotton or hemp threads) makes the book completely biodegradable. We offer 100% recycled paper, FSC-certified and carrying the EU Ecolabel, manufactured using environmentally-friendly technologies.


  • min.
    75 × 125 mm
  • max
    300 × 420 mm
Book block thickness
  • min.
    3 mm
  • max
    65 mm
Cover materials

A broad selection of paperboard, 235 to 300 g thick.

Cover extras

Our proprietary FlexiFlaps perfectly supplement the covers. They provide additional space for marketing purposes, biographical notes, reviews or information about new releases. Various colours of threads can be used to bind the folded sheets.

Read more about the accessories and cover extras here.


We recommend hot stamping with metallized foils, debossing and spot varnishing. 

Read more about the available enhancements here.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I order a thread for my book in a colour other than white?

Of course. We offer a few dozen of thread colours. We actually recommend using customised colour, especially in open spine products. If the inside of the book contains black solids, we recommend a black thread.

Can I order a proof from Totem?

Of course! We offer printing proofs of softcover books and so-called labo prints of hardcovers (loose folded sheets without binding). It takes about a week to print and send a proof to the customer, so please consider this in the production timeframe. Proofs are printed for a fee.

What is the price difference between a softcover and a hardcover?

It is impossible to provide a definite figure, because a number of factors affect the price, such as format, volume and print run. Assuming some average parameters: B5, 160 pages and 200 copies, a thread-sewn hardcover would be approx. PLN 5.00 (net) more expensive per copy than a perfect-bound softcover.

Are there any limitations on the use of varnish on the cover?

There are two, as described in our guide:

  • In mask designs for 2D and 3D varnishing elements with a thickness of at least 0.25 mm can be used, placed with a minimum distance of 0.6 mm from each other.
  • 3D varnish cannot be applied along the cropmarks, creases and on flaps.
Can the printed books be collected in person?

We do not normally provide this form of delivery, however in exceptional circumstances and upon prior agreement with your account representative, this can be arranged.

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