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Frequently asked questions

Are there any limitations on the use of varnish on the cover?

There are two, as described in our guide:

  • In mask designs for 2D and 3D varnishing elements with a thickness of at least 0.25 mm can be used, placed with a minimum distance of 0.6 mm from each other.
  • 3D varnish cannot be applied along the cropmarks, creases and on flaps.
Is the 3D Touch technology restricted to raised varnishes?

No. The technology allows for using a number of different enhancements: flat coating (2D), raised coating (3D), and colourful metallised foils.

What kind of files should be sent to have the cover enhanced? Do I need to prepare a visualisation?

Firstly, remember to send the main production file, i.e. the cover design in a file for printing (PDF). It is the most important file. Next, prepare mask files for the enhancements (e.g. 3D varnish mask, golden foil mask etc.). Make sure that each enhancement is in a separate file. Also, remember the note from our website guide: „All enhancements must be included in the same graphic design as the one used for your cover (taking into account the correct positioning of all additional elements, while maintaining the appropriate formats and margins.” Visualisation files (mockups) are not required.

What are the available colours of foil?

Our standing offer comprises the following foils: golden, silver, red, navy blue, black and holographic films (laser and dot).

What are the exact dimensions of the largest element that can be coated with 3D varnish?

The larger the coated surface, the greater the risk of surface imperfections. We suggest coating no larger elements than 20 mm x 20 mm. For large surfaces we recommend laminating the area rather than varnishing.

Cover extras

kolorowe wyklejka i kapitałka 4
Bound bookmark
tasiemki granatowa i czerwona
Bound bookmark
zadrukowana wyklejka - kwiaty i flamingi
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