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Choose the type of binding you want for your book

Binding types

We print books digitally in short and medium runs. We offer every kind of binding with any enhancement you like. If you want to see what the book will look like in its final shape, order a sample copy. We print conventional books, but also catalogues, brochures, folders, annual reports, instruction manuals, magazines and all sorts of planners and calendars.

See our binding types.

Hardcover – thread sewn
Hardcover – perfect bound
Softcover – thread sewn
Softcover – perfect bound
Softcover – saddle stitched
Flexo binding
Spiral binding
Open-spine binding
Swiss binding
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One should not judge the book by its cover, but everyone knows how important the first impression is. A simple and modest book can be elegant, however an original cover will certainly attract potential buyers and readers. Print enhancements are one of the ways to make the book more beautiful. We offer both enhancements produced using the 3D Touch digital technology and traditional methods.

Lamination glossy
Lamination matte
Lamination soft touch
Lamination sandy
Lamination textured (linen)
2D Spot Varnish (flat)
3D Touch – 3D Spot Varnish (raised)
Glitter Varnish
Hot foil stamping
Book edge painting
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Cover extras

You will find a great deal of additional options which can improve the appearance of your book and its features, thus enhancing the reader’s experience and perception. These options include bookbinding solutions which can be added or modified in your publication, depending on the type of binding used, and adapted to the kind and purpose of the book and its graphic design.

Bound bookmark
Band closure
Pen holder
Dust wrapper
Wraparound band
Corner protectors
Slipcases and boxes
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Frequently asked questions

I am hesitating between a thread-sewn and a perfect-bound hard cover. Which one should I choose?

We always recommend thread-sewing for hard covers. Thread-sewn covers ensure total durability and – above all – complete openabilty of the book block. Perfect binding is reserved only for thin paper.

What is the price difference between a softcover and a hardcover?

It is impossible to provide a definite figure, because a number of factors affect the price, such as format, volume and print run. Assuming some average parameters: B5, 160 pages and 200 copies, a thread-sewn hardcover would be approx. PLN 5.00 (net) more expensive per copy than a perfect-bound softcover.

What delivery options do you offer?

The standard form of delivery is by courier service. Please note that shipping costs are always included in the base price. Other delivery options are possible by individual arrangement.

Is Totem environmentally certified?

We are greatly committed to ensuring that any products leaving our printing house are produced in as environmentally-friendly manner as possible. Digital printing alone is already considered to be ‘greener’ than conventional printing. We are FSC certified and we have a certificate confirming that 100% of energy used in our processes comes from renewable energy sources. 

What is the lead time for an order?

The lead time depends on the current production workload and the nature and complexity of the order. Normally, in the low and medium seasons (February – July), jobs comprising simple binding are completed within 7 working days and up to 10 days in the case of complex binding. This is the turnaround time from the moment the files are accepted for printing. In the high season, these times can be extended to 10 and 15 working days, respectively. 

What is the smallest print run I can order?

We will accept an order for one copy, if requested, but we encourage you to check the prices for a bit bigger print runs. 

Digital printing of books

The best solution for short and medium print runs: cost-effective, environmentally friendly and avoiding the time-consuming prepress stage, typical of offset printing. Choosing digital printing means you order as many books as you need at the moment, and you don’t spend money on storage. You can increase the order when demand for your book goes up. 

Digital printing technology facilitates correction and easy modification in the print files – without wasting time and incurring costs. Each copy of your print run can be personalised if you wish some books to be distinctive, with alternative covers, different enhancements or special inscriptions.

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