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Swiss binding

A rarity in the world of bookbinding: the book block is here glued to the back case board only, and when you open the book you will see the folds. The spine of the (thread-sewn) block is often shrouded with crepe, but sometimes the publishers decide to leave it bare.

Swiss-bound books are characterised by very good openabilty, so this type of binding is recommended to use in unusual publications, such as portfolios, art exhibition catalogues or other collector’s printed matter. 

Best use

specialist books, portfolio, collector’s publications

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The use of appropriate materials (e.g. wastepaper, non-coated cover materials) and natural components (e.g. cotton or hemp threads) makes the book completely biodegradable. We offer 100% recycled paper, FSC-certified and carrying the EU Ecolabel, manufactured using environmentally-friendly technologies.


  • min.
    75 × 125 mm
  • max
    300 × 420 mm
Book block thickness
  • min.
    3 mm
  • max
    65 mm
Cover materials

A broad selection of paperboard, 235 to 300 g thick.

Cover extras

To multiply the visual effects and enhance the looks, you can use different colours of thread in the folded sheets, printed end papers or mass-dyed paper.

Read more about the accessories and cover extras here.


We recommend hot stamping with metallized foils, debossing and spot varnishing.

Read more about the available enhancements here.

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Frequently asked questions

What delivery options do you offer?

The standard form of delivery is by courier service. Please note that shipping costs are always included in the base price. Other delivery options are possible by individual arrangement.

What is the best paper for my publication?

This question is too general to give a definite answer. When choosing the paper for the main part of the book, many aspects have to be considered, including the nature or type of publication, its purpose, dimensions, readers, and even the available budget. First, we need to answer a few elementary questions, e.g. whether the paper should be white, cream or off-white, coated or uncoated, standard or recycled. Providing such descriptive details will be enough for us to suggest the best paper for your book.

What is the smallest print run I can order?

We will accept an order for one copy, if requested, but we encourage you to check the prices for a bit bigger print runs. 

What is the most economical B5 print size?

The optimal format is 165 x 235 mm, or a popular variation 170 x 240 mm. We strongly recommend not to use sizes close to 176 x 250 mm, as it generates a lot of paper waste and thus increases the costs of production. Also, it has a negative impact on the environment.

Can I order a cover design for my book, proofreading and composition?

We only undertake printing and do not provide editorial/DTP, prepress or proofreading services, as well as cover graphic design. However, we work with many companies that we can recommend to our customers. 

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