In solidarity with Ukraine

In solidarity with Ukraine

The war has brought all of us to express solidarity with Ukraine. We are undertaking various activities to help and trying to support Ukrainian refugees who seek shelter in Poland. We are helping in different ways and the most relevant given the nature of our business is that we are printing children’s books in the Ukrainian language. We are simply doing what we do best.

We have launched a non-profit campaign to print books for Ukrainian children. We believe that fairy tales and stories for children from Ukraine, in their native language, can be a sort of substitute for normality. And we are sure they are encouraging in such troubled and traumatic times.

The campaign started just a few days following the invasion of Ukraine. We liaised with publishing houses from Kharkiv and Lviv that specialise in children’s literature and so far we have printed a dozen or so titles from the portfolio of Дитяча література видавництва „Ранок”. The books are distributed by Polish charities and humanitarian aid points set up for the Ukrainian refugees, as well as by Universal Reading Foundation (FPC) established to promote reading.

At the same time we have invited Polish book printers to join the campaign, as together we can do more. To date we have received supporting contributions from Cyfrowa Foto, Elpil, Drukarnia Sowa and Zapolex. Thank you!