3D Touch – our latest print enhancement technology

3D Touch – our latest print enhancement technology

We invest in more than just innovative printing and bookbinding systems. We consistently introduce cutting-edge technologies to increase our organization’s competitiveness and improve the quality of the services offered by Totem. One such solution to have recently been added to our stock of machinery is the JetVarnish 3D.

The JetVarnish is a specialized digital print spot UV coating solution for 2D (flat, to imitate screen printing) and 3D (raised) technologies. By applying a layer of a 3D varnish we achieve a bold effect that is three-dimensional and structural to the touch. Our printing house gives our customers the option to additionally embellish their substrates with colour foils (this is possible thanks to a special module that the JetVarnish comes with).

The new 3D Touch technology can be used on coated papers (either laminated or non-laminated), as well as on PVC and PET surfaces; when enhancing digital prints, it is not necessary to laminate or varnish the material in preparation. Its main use at the Inowrocław printing house will be for applying enhancements to book covers.

wążThe snake skin effect achieved using the 3D Touch technology

How can our publishers benefit from the 3D Touch technology?

The digital 3D Touch enhancement system delivers a never-before-seen excellence in print finishing technologies. Publishers using Totem’s services will be able to achieve a new above-average cover quality. Our 3D Touch prints come in vibrant and enhanced colours and with hitherto hard-to-achieve visual effects, while at the same time attaining a highly upscale feel. Consequently, the covers enhanced using the JetVarnish machine will enable our customers to stand out against the highly competitive publishing market and attract the attention of potential readers. The imagination of graphic designers and staff at the DTP department is the only limitation here. Covers can be enhanced by applying various textures and patterns, which can be done either using Totem’s own stock of off-the-shelf solutions or creating a made-to-measure design to carefully match the graphics to be depicted on the cover.

3D Touch holo

3D Touch efektThe raised varnish effect achieved using the 3D Touch technology

The new technology is fully digital, which means considerably shorter lead times as there are no time-consuming and costly preparations that are unavoidable when using the traditional methods of foil and varnish enhancement. Moreover, the time required to apply the enhancements is relatively short, and the 3D and 2D varnishes can be applied simultaneously, in one single pass through the machine. The varnish is dried and cured “on the fly” via integrated UV lamps, where the enhanced sheets can be further processed without any time delays as no additional drying is required.

The 3D spot UV coating technology is an excellent solution for the short print runs the Totem printing house specializes in, and it is also a great tool to be applied when personalizing the specific enhancements used.