General terms of cooperation

§1. General terms
1. The staff at (hereinafter referred to as “Totem”) completes the orders placed by the Clients with the utmost care to ensure mutual satisfaction is gained from the cooperation entered into.
2. By placing an order, the Client confirms that he has read these General Terms of Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC”) and accepts the provisions hereof.
3. Totem may use the finished products for marketing and advertising purposes, unless the Client stipulates in writing at the time of placing the order that he does not consent to it.
4. The general provisions can be amended by means of an individual agreement entered into by Totem and the Client.
5. Totem may refuse to implement projects containing unlawful content (e.g. content inciting to hatred on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs; pornographic content; content that endorses fascism, Nazism, communism; content that promotes violence; blasphemous content; content that violates the rights of others).

§2. Orders
1. The Client places an order in writing by means of electronic mail. A quote drawn up by a Totem sales representative must be enclosed with the order.
2. For an order to be completed, Totem must confirm that the order is accepted for completion. Totem confirms receipt of the order in writing by means of electronic mail (confirmation of price/lead time/delivery terms).
3. Only orders containing all the necessary information will be accepted by Totem for completion.
4. Totem reports any possible discrepancies between the order and the service offering, and it does not accept orders for completion that are inconsistent with the service offering.

§3. Files
1. The Client submits the set of materials for printing in electronic format.
2. The way in which files are to be prepared is set out in the document: “Guidelines for preparing materials for digital printing”.
3. The Client sends the files via the Internet. The Dropbox platform or the WeTransfer site may be used to do that. Once the files for printing are submitted, a confirmation must be obtained from Totem Customer Service Desk (CSD) that they have been received.
4. In the event that errors falling within the scope of a verification in accordance with the document referred to in §3. item 2 are detected, Totem will immediately notify the Client thereof by means of electronic mail in order to determine how the errors detected can be eliminated and to set new terms for completion of the order.

§4. Lead times
1. In the event of a delay, Totem notifies the Client thereof on the day of the planned completion of the order at the latest.
2. Totem does not guarantee fixed lead times for specific types of services. This depends on the current workload.
3. Totem is not responsible for delays in order completions that occur due to reasons outside of its control.

§5. Deliveries
1. Totem supplies the ordered goods using own means of transport or through couriers.
2. Totem is not responsible for delays in delivery that occur due to reasons attributable to courier companies.
3. The Client is obliged to check the delivery for possible visible damage to the packaging before signing the delivery confirmation form.
4. In the event that damage to the packaging is detected, the Client is obliged to fill in the parcel damage report and prepare photographic documentation in the presence of the courier.
5. Complaints will not be processed without a filled-in parcel damage report.

§6. Complaints
1. Complaints must be submitted in writing (electronic mail). A photo showing the defect or a proof must be enclosed with the documentation along with a detailed description.
2. Quantitative complaints must be submitted within a maximum of 7 days from the date of delivery of the order, while a time limit of a maximum of 30 days from the date of delivery of the order applies to qualitative complaints.
3. Return of the defective goods takes place at the expense of Totem, with the goods being collected from the place to which they were delivered. The defective goods must be returned in order for a complaint to be processed and found valid.
4. The validity of a complaint will be considered within 7 working days, calculated from the date of the complaint being made or return of the print run.
5. The terms in respect of submitting and processing complaints are set out under the document: “Basic quality standards”.
6. Complaints in respect of damage to products must be submitted within a maximum of 7 days from delivery of the order.
In addition, complaints will be processed based on a damage report completed in the presence of the courier/person delivering the package.