Reprints take centre stage, also known as printing things printed before

Life sometimes presents you with a seemingly hopeless challenge, e.g. imagine wanting to re-publish a book printed 20 years before and finding yourself without the required files. You can always retyp [...]

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We’ve got something extra for you: Totem AR, also known as augmented reality books

When carrying out a search in Google, you could be forgiven for thinking that augmented reality is still being treated as a technological novelty. The most popular search results are dominated by ques [...]

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Christmas is almost here, and it’s only a moment before St. Nicolaus’s Day arrives! Have a look at our holiday gift guide

The conventional wisdom is that a book is the perfect gift for any occasion. Naturally, we agree wholeheartedly! There’s only one small condition: it all depends on what book it is. Read our univers [...]

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Adobe Photoshop – designing book covers with 3D Touch enhancements

Creating a mask for enhancements in Adobe Photoshop isn’t much more difficult than creating it in Adobe Illustrator. It’s only a little more complicated due to the more options offered by the prog [...]

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Designing enhancements – our suggestions

Not sure where to start? We hope this short instruction will help you out. Adding enhancements is less complicated than it seems. If you don’t want to botch the job and would rather save yourself th [...]

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The magic of colour, or what to go by when choosing the colour scheme for your book cover

When designing a book and choosing your colours, you have to take into account the way your book’s recipients perceive things. You should disregard your private taste in this respect. Even though yo [...]

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Bleeds for dummies, or in other words: back to the basics

Preparing a file for printing is not easy, which is true particularly when you are lacking experience. And the absence of bleeds claims the dubious honour of ranking first amongst the most common mist [...]

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A guide to surviving an epidemic, also known as tidying up your bookshelves

We’re all stuck at home, and we’ll be here for no one knows how much longer, trying to break the daily monotony. If you’ve already sorted out your wardrobes and cupboards, found pairs for all yo [...]

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Mysterious symbols

We examined end papers in our last entry, and this text now can be easily taken as its continuation. The very interesting issue of print colours came up in connection with our discussion about end pap [...]

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