The magic of colour, or what to go by when choosing the colour scheme for your book cover

22When designing a book and choosing your colours, you have to take into account the way your book’s recipients perceive things. You should disregard your private taste in this respect. Even though [...]

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Bleeds for dummies, or in other words: back to the basics

Preparing a file for printing is not easy, which is true particularly when you are lacking experience. And the absence of bleeds claims the dubious honour of ranking first amongst the most common mist [...]

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Mysterious symbols

We examined end papers in our last entry, and this text now can be easily taken as its continuation. The very interesting issue of print colours came up in connection with our discussion about end pap [...]

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Let’s talk about end paper

The end paper is to a book what lining is to a coat – essential. When the craftsmanship is solid and reliable, the user doesn’t even notice it’s there. And if we give it some thought, it complem [...]

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A guide to creating eye-catching books

As far as the book printing industry is concerned, the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is meaningless. The book’s subject matter is of minor importance to us. We will, on the other ha [...]

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Printing versus ecology

Many would see the tackling of this particular subject by a company from the printing industry as a risky move. However, when faced with the impending climate crisis, we should be able to make informe [...]

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Image file formats

Clients often order graphic projects, but they are not too sure about the format in which to save the files. It all depends on the printing house and the printing technology used to print the requirem [...]

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Time for calendar printing

Holiday season is in full swing, but the life of a printing house is governed by its own rules and we are already thinking about the end of the year. This is due to an increased number of orders for c [...]

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The WOW effect in a nutshell, or in other words, all about enhancements

Graphic designers often lose sleep over one particular comment made by clients: “the design is lovely, but there is no WOW effect." Admittedly, we are not able to cure all the ills of graphic design [...]

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