A request for proposal – how do we draw it up?

A request for proposal often causes a lot of problems. Those responsible for drawing them up omit many of the parameters necessary for the correct calculation of the price of the service to be rendere [...]

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How much does it cost to print a book?

“How much does it cost to print a book?” and “How much does it cost to publish a book” are questions frequently asked by our clients. There are no simple or straightforward answers, though, as [...]

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Centring cover graphics

We have worked on A GREAT MANY books. There were beautiful covers, creative covers, fancy covers, even some delightful covers. However, sometimes there are also those that lead to rather opposite emot [...]

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Softcover binding – a guide to different types of binding (part 2)

The earlier instalment of this guide focused on hardcover binding. The time has come then to talk about softcover binding. As not to have to repeat what binding actually is, we would heartily recommen [...]

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Hardcover binding – a guide to different types of binding (part 1)

One of the key decisions to be made when printing a book is to choose the type of binding to be applied. You will have to consider what is best for your publication: hardcover or softcover binding? Ma [...]

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Reprints take centre stage, also known as printing things printed before

Life sometimes presents you with a seemingly hopeless challenge, e.g. imagine wanting to re-publish a book printed 20 years before and finding yourself without the required files. You can always retyp [...]

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We’ve got something extra for you: Totem AR, also known as augmented reality books

When carrying out a search in Google, you could be forgiven for thinking that augmented reality is still being treated as a technological novelty. The most popular search results are dominated by ques [...]

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Christmas is almost here, and it’s only a moment before St. Nicolaus’s Day arrives! Have a look at our holiday gift guide

The conventional wisdom is that a book is the perfect gift for any occasion. Naturally, we agree wholeheartedly! There’s only one small condition: it all depends on what book it is. Read our univers [...]

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Adobe Photoshop – designing book covers with 3D Touch enhancements

Creating a mask for enhancements in Adobe Photoshop isn’t much more difficult than creating it in Adobe Illustrator. It’s only a little more complicated due to the more options offered by the prog [...]

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