Image file formats

Clients often order graphic projects, but they are not too sure about the format in which to save the files. It all depends on the printing house and the printing technology used to print the requirem [...]

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Time for calendar printing

Holiday season is in full swing, but the life of a printing house is governed by its own rules and we are already thinking about the end of the year. This is due to an increased number of orders for c [...]

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The WOW effect in a nutshell, or in other words, all about enhancements

Graphic designers often lose sleep over one particular comment made by clients: “the design is lovely, but there is no WOW effect." Admittedly, we are not able to cure all the ills of graphic design [...]

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A short text about special purpose binding — the spiral binding

Associated mainly with calendars, regarded to be something akin to the ugly sister of traditional types of binding, in theory the simplest one to make — spiral binding is famous for all the wrong re [...]

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Files to be printed – avoiding mistakes

All those involved in the publishing process strive to make the printing of books as seamless and swift as possible. One of the factors that contribute to achieving this is the elimination of any mist [...]

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Digital or offset print?

What’s better: digital or offset? When you put the question like that, there can only be one—entirely unsatisfactory—answer: it depends. On what? The number of copies to be printed, the time to [...]

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On book anatomy

A book is a book, but the difference between a fixed insert sheet and an end paper or a signature and a cover is not so obvious to everyone. The book printing lingo causes some considerable problems, [...]

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