Bookbinding processes give a book its final shape. Irrespective of the volume needed, each single copy is of equal importance to us.

Marek Omasta, Production Director


Our bindery boasts some industry standard-setting equipment, e.g. systems manufactured by the Swiss Müller Martini and Hunkeler, Italian Meccanotecnica and Japanese Horizon.

Müller Martini Alegro A7
Our 19-clamp Müller Martini Alegro line for perfect binding and hybrid production (perfect/thread-sewn binding) with the Motion Control system that controls the individual drives using servo motors enables us to complete jobs in record time while achieving the highest quality. Alegro enables production across an extremely broad spectrum of sizes: starting with the very smallest through to the A3 size. Additionally, the line includes the integrated Granit three-knife trimmer and a stacker.

  • top quality of books, irrespective of the volume
  • record setting-up time
  • capacity of up to 7 000 brochures per hour
  • broad spectrum of sizes: from 75×100 mm up to 320×480 mm; thickness: from 1 to 65 mm

Müller Martini Diamant 35 MC
Poland’s first automated combined hardback binding line ideal for low- and high-volume production due to the short time required for changeovers, which is possible due to the use of servo motors. Müller Martini is a perfect binder for a broad range of sizes. Once the book block is cased-in, it is given its final and durable shape in the joint forming and pressing machine. The patented and unique joint forming and book block pressing method guarantees ideal book shape.

  • capacity: up to 2 100 covers per hour
  • cover size: minimum – 100×100 mm; maximum – 270×380 mm
  • capable of producing round book block spines
  • perfect pressing of ready books

Horizon BQ-270 with a three-knife trimmer
This is a single clamp binder with fully automated operation for perfect binding using hot melt glue. It includes a nipping station, a side-gluing system and a fume extractor. It enables the binding of books and catalogues of varied thickness and uncompromising quality and durability.

  • book block size: minimum – 145×105 mm; maximum – 320×320 mm
  • book thickness: from 1 to 65 mm
  • cover size: minimum – 135×225 mm; maximum – 320×660 mm
  • cover weight: from 80 to 300 g/m² (from 100 to 350 g/m² – for coated paper)

Hunkeler Book Solution
Specialized system for the folding and cutting of paper rolls printed beforehand on the roll machinery. This is the first machine of this type in Central Europe launched in 2015. The system is configured to work at a maximum speed of up to 200 metres per minute where the paper roll thickness is up to 558 mm. The system produces faultlessly cut and bound book blocks that are then effortlessly further processed on the Müller Martini Alegro perfect binder line.

Meccanotecnica Universe Sewing book sewing machines
We produce thread-sewn book blocks using the Universe Sewing book sewing machines manufactured by the Italian Meccanotecnica and designed especially for thread-sewing of digitally printed media. The machine’s work is highly automated. It eliminates the traditionally laborious and time-consuming process of sheet folding and collating and additionally enables the thread-sewing of small volumes of books.

Using the Xerox FreeFlow Core software we prepare imposition output layouts with the correct sequence of sheets. A stack of printed sheets is fed to the machine automatically by a vacuum feeder. The barcodes printed on the sheets contain all the information relating to the book. The machine reads the codes, folds, collates and thread-sews the sheets within the book in the required sequence. The finished book blocks are automatically separated and the loose thread ends are shortened to a length of approximately 10 mm. We are presented at the output with perfectly sewn book blocks ready for further binding processes.

StitchLiner MARK III by Horizon featuring a digital printing feeder and a three-knife trimmer for block cutting
The first machine to be installed in Poland. A fully automated bookbinding system designed for digital printing that provides high productivity and above-standard quality of binding. StitchLiner Mark III is equipped with a unique feeder for digitally printed sheets with an installed reader to verify the completeness of the sets. The collected sheets are jogged (and scored if necessary) to achieve outstanding precision, previously unattainable with this type of devices. The sheets are then conveyed to the stitching unit, where they are stitched on the so-called “saddle”. The booklet is then transported to the three-knife trimmer for three-side trimming.

  • booklet size: from 90×120 mm up to 240×350 mm for portrait and up to 285×265 mm for landscape
  • stitches booklets of up to 140 pages of uncoated 70 gsm substrates and 96 pages of coated 170 gsm substrates
  • stitching using regular (flat) staples and loop staples
  • stitches two booklets at once
  • maximum production speed: 6 000 cycles per hour for A3/A4 portrait finish and 5 300 cycles per hour for A4 landscape finish; when using the center cut option which enables two-up production, the speed increases to 12 000 cycles per hour.

Horizon BQ 480 PUR softcover perfect binder
One of the latest Horizon products available on the European market, this perfect binder binds books supporting the polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesive technology. It is designed to deliver books where increased durability is a requirement, and to bind short runs and cover single sheets. It produces perfect bound softcovers using refined and challenging substrates, i.e. coated (chalk overlay) papers. The use of polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesives means that the finished books have excellent durability: much greater than when using hot-melt adhesives, and there is also the added assurance that thicker, less flexible and coated substrates used for the publication will not come apart in use. At Totem, the Horizon perfect binder works in line with the HT-1000 three-knife trimmer to trim and deliver books of variable sizes within one production run, with no operator input required.

  • short set-up time – as a result of full automation
  • equipped with a book thickness input caliper to enable on-demand production
  • above-average binding precision and accuracy for the entire print run
  • binds spines between 1 and 65 mm thick
  • application of 4 and 6 creases on the cover (ideal for covers with flaps)

JetVarnish 3D
A specialized digital print spot UV coating solution for 2D (flat, to imitate screen printing) and 3D (raised) technologies. Using a layer of a 3D varnish gives a bold effect that is three-dimensional and structural to the touch.
3D Touch, the new enhancement technology, will enable publishers using Totem’s services to achieve a new above-average cover quality. Our 3D Touch prints come in vibrant and enhanced colours and with hitherto hard-to-achieve visual effects, while at the same time attaining a highly upscale feel.
This is a fully digital technology, which means considerably shorter lead times as there are no time-consuming and costly preparations that are unavoidable when using the traditional methods of foil and varnish enhancement.

  • enhancements applied simultaneously (2D and 3D varnishes) – in one single pass through the machine
  • the thickness of the layer of varnish applied can be between 3 and 200 μm
  • varnish can be applied to extremely small elements, with overall registration of ± 200 μm – this is due to using the extremely precise piezoelectric drop-on-demand print heads with variable droplet sizes
  • the varnish is dried and cured “on the fly” via integrated UV lamps, where the enhanced sheets can be further processed without any time delays
  • iFoil – an additional foil stamping module
  • wide range of grammages (between 135 and 600 gsm) and substrates on which the 3D Touch technology can be applied: coated papers (either laminated or non-laminated), as well as PVC and PET surfaces; when enhancing digital prints, it is not necessary to laminate or varnish the material in preparation
  • production speed of up to 3,000 B2 sheets per hour
  • AIS SmartScanner – real time registration monitoring and adjustment for pre-printed sheets.

Kolbus Casemaker DA 260 – automatic machine for the production of book cases
One of the most recent systems enabling us to produce new products, never offered before, is a fully automatic machine for the production of hard cases for half-bound books where different materials are used to form the case, and for the production of paperboard cases with PU foam, which makes them both strong and soft to touch. Moreover, the new equipment can be used to produce components of wall calendars (i.e. headers). Kolbus Casemaker is an exceptionally efficient solution for short-run printing and thanks to separate drives it ensures extremely low downtimes and less material waste.
The system has been additionally equipped with a magazine for spine board.

  • capacity: up to 40 cycles per minute
  • opened case size: min. 155 x 100 mm, max. 670 x 390 mm
  • board thickness: max. 4 mm
  • active module for energy recovery from the drive unit