3D Touch

Druk cyfrowy to idealne rozwiązanie wszędzie tam, gdzie ze względów ekonomicznych nie opłaca się wykonywać druku offsetowego. Jednak oszczędność pieniędzy to niejedyna korzyść, za sprawą której druk cyfrowy z roku na rok zyskuje na popularności. Wpływ na to ma jeszcze wiele atutów, które warto poznać. Śmiało można powiedzieć, że druk cyfrowy zapewnia niemal nieograniczone możliwości i coraz skuteczniej zyskuje miano lidera branży, zostawiając nieco w tyle tradycyjne metody drukarskie.

First up: the cover

The cover is what a potential reader notices first

As we all know, it is the first impression that matters. And it is the cover with its beauty that has the power to catch someone’s attention, impress and delight them. The quality of the cover’s finish and its attractive appearance can play a key role in the book selection process and affect the buyer’s purchasing decision. We help publishing houses create unique and timeless book covers, thus contributing to the increased attractiveness of their publications to make them stand unrivalled on bookstore shelves.

See our pattern book 

The magical 3D Touch

Digital enhancements

The JetVarnish system (more about it here) enables us to apply spot UV coating on the covers of the books printed by us using the 2D (flat, to imitate screen printing) and 3D (raised) technologies. Our printing house gives our customers the option to additionally embellish their substrates with colour foils, with the following foil colours available for cover enhancements: gold, silver, red, navy blue, black and holographic (laser and dots). Is your desired colour not on the list? Ask us, and we will see what we can do for you.

Engage your senses

So many feelings, so many emotions

A multisensory experience – this is what the results of applying the 3D Touch technology can be described as. Covers enhanced using this particular technology go above and beyond a mere visual effect. The 3D varnish enables us to create a bold texture to be felt with our fingers. The cover presented to us gives the impression of a Van Goghian sky drawn with special crayons to create a multitude of layers of different thickness. An extra spatial dimension is thus created.

Faster, more effectively, uniquely

Shorter lead times

The digital process of “embellishing” your covers skips the time-consuming and costly preparations that are so characteristic of the traditional enhancement methods. Moreover, the time required to apply the enhancements is relatively short, and the 3D and 2D varnishes can be applied simultaneously, in one single pass through the machine. The varnish is dried and cured “on the fly” via integrated UV lamps, where the enhanced sheets can be further processed without any time delays as no additional drying is required. The 3D spot UV coating technology is an excellent solution for the short print runs we specialize in, and it is also a great tool to be applied when personalizing the specific enhancements used.

The sky is the limit

Nearly endless possibilities

As far as the end result is concerned, the graphic designer’s imagination is the only limitation here. Covers can be enhanced by applying various textures and patterns, which can be done either using Totem’s own stock of off-the-shelf solutions or creating a made-to-measure design to carefully match the graphics to be depicted on the cover. Additionally, the 3D Touch technology can be applied on coated substrates (either laminated or non-laminated), as well as on PVC and PET surfaces. When enhancing digital prints, it is not necessary to laminate or varnish the material in preparation.

It is all positive

A new quality in print finishing technologies

The 3D Touch technology delivers an above-average cover quality. Our 3D Touch prints come in vibrant and enhanced colours and with hitherto hard-to-achieve visual effects, while at the same time attaining a highly upscale feel. And let us not forget about the improved durability which results from the foils and varnishes used. Consequently, the covers enhanced applying our innovative technology enable our customers to stand out against the highly competitive publishing market and attract the attention of potential readers. Which is exactly what we all strive to achieve.