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We employ experts and have the best machines on the market.
They make it possible for us to meet
the greatest of challenges.

Michał Surówka, Manager, Printing Department

Continuous feed printers

The fastest digital printing systems that use the roll-to-roll mechanism where a clear roll of paper is unwound before printing and subsequently rewound – already printed – and passed for further processing on the Hunkeler cutting and book block preparation lines.

Océ ColorStream 3900
An innovative inkjet system that applies the Océ DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology, the industry’s fastest and most reliable inkjet print heads. We print using the latest generation pigment inks, which enables us to reproduce colour in crisp and sharp detail as well as to maintain smooth tonal gradation while using less ink and generating very little material waste.

  • colour and monochrome print – as required
  • printing speed – 127 metres per minute
  • roll width – up to 540 mm
  • resolution – 600 dpi, due to the application of the DigiDot technology the perceived quality is 1 200 dpi
  • capable of printing more than one job on one roll

Cut-sheet feed printers

We have an extremely broad range of machinery at our disposal. Starting with the high-performance Canon VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+ monochrome systems, through to the Ricoh Pro C9110 and Xerox iGen4 (which prints in the B3 plus size) colour machines.

Canon Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+
Four digital monochrome systems able to print at a remarkable quality level comparable to offset printing and impressive image resolution with near-perfect registration.

  • monochrome print
  • maximum sheet size – 350×500 mm
  • near-perfect front to back registration thanks to simultaneous double-sided printing
  • each system has a capacity of 18 800 A4 pages per hour

Ricoh Pro C9110
We have two of these systems at our disposal, which we use mostly to print book covers. They enable us to achieve high print quality (including printing on heavily textured media) thanks to, amongst others, the use of elastic fusing belts. The chemical toners used in the system mean that the prints produced on the Ricoh Pro C9110 can be laminated and coated (dry and thermal coating) immediately after printing. The system ensures effective printing on heavy-weight paper and cardboard.

  • printing at 1 200×4 800 dpi
  • paper weight: up to 400 g/m²
  • varied media that are typically used in offset machines (including coated paper, bulky media, layered cardboard)
  • size – up to 330×700 mm, which enables printing e.g. covers with flaps
  • printing speed – 130 A4 pages per minute

Xerox iGen4 Diamond Edition
A modern colour printing system for matte finish printing equal in quality to offset technology. Thanks to the largest sheet size available in this type of digital printing machines the iGen enables us to complete jobs such as dust jacket printing, sewn colour interior printing, casewrap and other varied large-size cover printing.

  • the largest sheet size in digital printing: 364×660 mm
  • offset quality print
  • capacity: 110 sheets per minute irrespective of the weight of the media
  • 6 600 A4 pages per hour
  • automatic front to back registration correction
  • integrated spectrophotometer that makes colour calibration automatic to achieve high image quality and high colour precision