We drink water straight from the tap!

We drink water straight from the tap!

Totem.com.pl is a company that strives to operate in a nature-friendly way. Our actions are aimed at minimizing production waste and reducing the amount of garbage generated by us, and optimizing the consumption of electricity and water. In our company, we recover energy from the operation of some machines (e.g. Müller Martini Diamant 35 MC, air compressors). We use devices which have modern solutions that affect energy consumption – as is the case with the VRF air conditioners and electric heaters installed in Totem – controlled by electronic heads. In production, we use raw materials that come from properly managed forests, controlled sources or recovered materials. We have the FSC® certificate for this. It is for entrepreneurs from the wood, paper, printing and publishing industries. In the production processes we also use environmentally friendly agents – e.g. paints, toners.

We have been segregating garbage in our company for many years. Recently, as a company, we stopped buying water in plastic bottles. We have been using water filters for years, thanks to which it is softer, which has a direct impact on its lower consumption – also at the production level. Now we have installed additional filters in the kitchen taps, and each employee has been equipped with reusable metal bottles. This is our small brick – so that we all live healthier and safer. We believe that such gestures and attitudes make sense – they not only build awareness, but also have a real impact on reducing the amount of plastic garbage.

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