Great durability with PUR adhesives

Great durability with PUR adhesives

We systematically expand the range of services offered by our printing house and provide our customers with new solutions in the field of printing, binding and enhancements. Last year, a Horizon BQ 480 PUR perfect binder was added to our stock of machinery (more about the perfect binder to be found in the Bookbinding section).

As a result, we are now able to use refined and challenging materials, i.e. coated (chalk overlay) papers, for softcover perfect bound products. The use of polyurethane adhesives (PUR) – as applied by the new machine – in the binding process means that Totem products have excellent durability: much greater than when using hot-melt adhesives. Additionally, we can guarantee that thicker and less flexible materials used for the inside of the publication will not come apart in use. Moreover, the use of PUR adhesives for coated papers in softcover perfect bound publications enables us to shorten the lead times for this type of products as there is no need to sew the inside together with thread. Thus, it is possible to print small runs of softcover perfect bound albums and sophisticated brochures and catalogues on enhanced papers. It is a great, cost-effective solution, a much cheaper one than hardcover binding.

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