Canon varioPRINT 6330 TITAN – our new printing system

Canon varioPRINT 6330 TITAN – our new printing system

For years, the application of state-of-the-art technologies has been of crucial importance to us. The quality of the books we produce is what matters most. Investing in innovative printing and bookbinding systems enables us to achieve an above-average print and binding quality.

Canon varioPRINT 1

One of our latest purchases is the Canon varioPRINT 6330 TITAN introduced as a replacement for the older solutions, i.e. the Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+. Our new monochrome printing machine comes equipped with the Océ Gemini technology for simultaneous double-sided printing resulting in the highest registration accuracy. It works with substrates of up to 350 x 500 mm in size, and grammage as high as 200 gsm. The print speed achieved by the varioPRINT 6330 TITAN goes up to 328 A4 prints per minute (which translates into nearly 20 000 prints per hour) and 171 A3 prints per minute. This means a maximum monthly volume of between 1 000 000 and 10 000 000 A4 prints.

The new solution, just as the older systems in the series, provides an assurance of top print quality.