Bookbinding linen – ideal for book covers

Bookbinding linen – ideal for book covers

How to make a book cover – thread-sewn or perfect-bound hardcover – more attractive?

Sometimes it takes just a little trick: replacing classic paper with a different material. We offer a range of high-quality bookbinding linen. The materials are recommended for use with digital printing and provide a perfect base for various enhancement methods.

materiał na okładki płótno okładki

ŻAGIEL (SAIL) – bookbinding linen made of artificial silk and available in as many as 36 colours. It weighs 160 g/m². Characterised by a very high strength, it is a perfect substrate for a variety of enhancement methods, including foil stamping and dry stamping. ŻAGIEL works great on stylish books, planners, calendars, diaries and notebooks.

PERŁA (PEARL) – bookbinding linen, 180 g/m², made of viscose with delicate and fine fibres, which makes it perfect for printing over (ensures complete ink coverage when printing). Its unusual strength makes it a great material for enhancement.

płótno perła perła płótno

TAFTA (TAFFETA) – bookbinding linen made of fine, shiny artificial silk fibres. Exceptionally impressive: its surface is coated with a special impregnating agent to create a glossy and glittering effect. Thanks to this the colours printed on it are deep and appear three-dimensional. The linen is characterised by a very high strength and is perfect for digital printing.

CIALUX – top quality Italian viscose linen. It is made using a remarkably fine and dense weave which conveys elegance. The surface finish is matte and toned down, and thus very natural looking. Thanks to a carefully selected weave pattern, it is ideal for stamping. The linen is used successfully in half-binding as the spine material.

cialux2 cialux