Digital printing

The exact volume needed

Thanks to digital printing technologies, it is now profitable to print small volumes.

We are able to provide you with the exact volume of books needed. You can divide your printing volume into smaller parts of various sizes and print precisely when it is justified and required. This will enable you to effectively manage production.

No storage required

No need to print spare copies! No need to create costly reserves and let your books deteriorate in storerooms.

Thanks to the application of digital printing technologies, you can order the exact volume of books needed to meet the current market needs on an ongoing basis. You retain full financial liquidity and have the exact number of books you need at any given moment.

Sample copy

Do you want to see what your book will look like once it is printed?

It is possible by ordering the printing of a standard-quality single sample copy, which is identical to the full volume printed later. This way you will be able to verify the book’s contents, which is particularly important when printing sizeable publications.

Market research

All books have a chance of becoming a bestseller and a market success.

However, it is always worth verifying it using a small volume first. A good solution here would be to produce a sample volume, e.g. several hundred or several dozens of copies. This way you will be able to gauge your readers’ reaction and take the right decision as to the target volume.

No-fuss reprinting

Have you lost the materials for your publication? No need to fret. We do not need your source files.

Send us your book, and we will scan it and retouch it for you without losing any of the original publication’s quality of appearance. In actual fact, reprinted black and white publications are usually of better quality than the original.


Would you like the individual copies of the materials printed not to be identical and to contain different details?

We are able to personalize your publications by including in them the following variables: first and last names, address, text fragments, barcode, charts, images, etc. All you have to do is provide us with an appropriate database.