How do you make your books and other printed publications more attractive? We know the way!

By applying augmented reality technology (AR), printing house enables users to combine the content of printed publications with digital materials generated using AR, while at the same time supporting publishers in the process of preparation of the required content.

What is “augmented reality” then?
AR is a technology where virtual objects are placed in the real physical world in real time, thus enhancing our knowledge and understanding of everything around us. AR is a system that blends our real environment with the computer-generated one. Where books and other printed publications are concerned, their content (photographs, images, graphics, etc.) is augmented with digital materials such as animations, videos, audio files, 3D presentations and any additional documents displayed on users’ smartphones and tablets. The digital content is triggered by a particular element of the paper-based publication, a so-called marker that can come in the shape of a photograph, graphics, a symbol and even a physical object.

Meeting market needs printing house carefully listens to and analyses the needs of the publishing market. To expand its service portfolio, it created a specialized tool for creating augmented reality as well as managing digital publications and content, user permissions and communication campaigns run by publishing houses. To enable access to digital content, an app compatible with Android and iOS platforms has been developed and is now available.

For whom?
The expanded service offer of is addressed primarily to specialist and academic publishing houses, textbook publishers as well as school administrators and course and training event organizers. Providing their readers with a variety of digital materials, e.g. films, music, 3D pictures and animations to supplement the content of books, as well as pronunciation guides, phrase examples and interactive exercises for language course books, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of the learning process, will enable them to improve the attractiveness of their paper-based publications. Furthermore, the target group for printing house also includes children and young adult publishers to help them increase the educational and entertainment value of their published materials.

Added value for publishers, extras for readers
A reader using the AR app is no longer a passive recipient. He is now offered the opportunity to interact with the digital content presented as well as save it, share it with others on social media, etc. The printed message that so far could not be modified over time and was very much one-way only in its nature is getting great support now in the shape of augmented reality content that can be reviewed and improved by publishers at any time, as a result of which even printed materials can be digitally updated on an on-going basis.

Additionally, publishing houses that use the services of will obtain a brilliant tool to increase their customers’ loyalty by affording them access to e.g. content not available in the public domain. This is possible as publishers are free to make their digital materials available for only a selected group of recipients (according to certain criteria adopted by the publisher). It will also be easier to protect any published content from illegal dissemination. Again, this happens as the published materials are made available to only those that have successfully passed a verification process. Making the digital content available to only, for instance, participants of a given course or those that have paid a special fee will lead to the published material in its basic, paper-based version, being incomplete and somewhat deficient. The paper-based publication itself will not be sufficient to access the digital content, protected by a password system, as a result of which using it will be possible to only a limited extent or even impossible. Which, in turn, will bring an end to impunity for illegal copying and intellectual property theft.

Are you a reader? Would you like to use the app?
It’s the easiest thing in the world!
Download the app to gain access to the new dimension of the publication. Remember, the app’s library holds materials available to the general public (free of charge) as well as those that require the reader to log in and obtain user permission from the publication’s owner. Additionally, activation of certain functionalities of the app is also possible for logged in users only.



Using TOTEM AR is simple:
– download and install the app (remember to obtain the relevant user permissions)
– start it, select the “scan” option and read the content prepared by the publication’s authors
– log in to see the content with protected access and use all of the app’s functionalities.

Have questions or comments?
Write to us at:  or use the help option available here: ar-help

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